Neurobion Forte, India's no.1 vitamin brand*, has taken the responsibility of celebrating unsung true heroes who have worked selflessly towards the betterment of society without expressing their pain or sufferings.

With #HelpingTrueHeroes, Neurobion Forte wants to ensure that these silent sufferers who are battling personal discomforts/body discomforts whilst fulfilling the dreams of their families and working for society are acknowledged and given a helping hand.

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Your participation is all it takes to feel good! Come and join the cause for the greater good. For every video you share, we donate Rs. 10 to the cause for the betterment of the society.

It’s time for our generation to acknowledge
and salute the True Heroes!


An autorickshaw driver by profession, Mr. Misra is the perfect example of generosity. He uses his auto as an ambulance to save lives free of cost. Mr. Misra's dedication to providing help to people goes beyond his meagre means has made his family extremely proud of his efforts in bringing a change.

In 2017, Neurobion Forte was successful in sharing these real-life stories with the masses, and supporting and felicitating these unsung true heroes who suffered silently but continued to work endlessly. The campaign portrayed stories which are not just stories of greatness, but, of people who put their own problems aside and struggled to do better for the society.

But this year, Neurobion Forte endeavoured to take a much bigger step by looking for more true heroes who have gone above and beyond their means to provide a healthy and safe environment to the society. We recognize people who have made it their life mission to work towards an improved society, by providing them with a helping hand. Like in the year 2017, this year too, we continue to support and care for such unsung heroes who serve people, through our Helping True Heroes campaign.

We want to ensure that these Unsung Heroes who are battling personal discomforts whilst fulfilling the dreams of their families and society are not only acknowledged and but also taken care of.

Hence this year, we set out on a journey to identify True Heroes from across the country and found four such unsung real-life True Heroes who are diligently working towards a better society. These stories are not only moving but truly exceptional and inspiring.